Mark O'Rowe's lyrical and violent play Terminus to be revived at the Citz

Mark O'Rowe's lyrical and violent play Terminus to be revived at the Citz

The drama pairs Tarantino-esque clashes with rhyming monolgues

Wondering what would happen if someone fell from one of the many construction cranes looming over Dublin at the time, writer/director Mark O’Rowe set himself a challenge by starting his play Terminus at the height of the action and let his imagination take the reins from there. The result is what O’Rowe describes as a ‘supernatural thrill ride’ with demons, devils and rather a lot of Tarantino-esque violence weaving through the three characters’ rhyming monologues.

After a successful first tour in 2007, O’Rowe’s play is set to exhilarate a new audience with its offbeat blend of horror, love and ear-tickling language. With lines like ‘the slo-mo ebb and flow; the mill, the babble, the rabble of wobbling waywards’ the production reads like an especially gritty piece of performance poetry, but O’Rowe does not consider Shakespeare, poetry or rap to be particular influences. ‘I started writing a few lines which had some rhymes, and thought I’d carry on,’ he explains.
The deft and sharp-tongued lyricism provides a vivid medium for audiences to conjure their own images of scenes too fantastical or stomach churning to be realised on stage – and in a play featuring such spectacles as a demon made entirely from worms there is plenty for the dark recesses of the mind to play with. ‘It’s very violent. It’s also very sexual,’ says O’Rowe. But, while it may seem at first glance to be all gore and no heart, he also adds that it is at times ‘unexpectedly moving’.

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 17–Sat 21 May.


Ireland's Abbey Theatre presents Mark O'Rowe's play, a Dublin-set metaphysical tale of murder, suicide and accidental death – not to mention angels and demons.

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