Adele - ABC, Glasgow, Fri 15 Apr (4 stars)

Adele - ABC, Glasgow, Fri 15 Apr

The UK's much beloved popstar sings with warmth and camaraderie

ABC, Glasgow, Fri 15 Apr

It’s hard not to fall for Adele. The 22-year-old Londoner may have recently trounced Madonna in the record books – her current album, 21, is now the longest-running UK No 1 album by a female artist – but she’s an entirely different kind of superstar: welcoming, accessible, nervous; just getting used to wearing high heels.

She is also, according to this reviewer, among the greatest balladeers and pop vocalists of her generation, as became patent throughout her set of modern-day classics like ‘Chasing Pavements’, ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and the now-ubiquitous, but no less hair-raising, ‘Someone Like You’.

Despite the ongoing and unprecedented success of her new album and its precursor, 19, Adele’s sold-out Glasgow show was in the relatively intimate confines of the ABC. This reinforced the singer’s sense of camaraderie as she chatted about her beloved sausage dog, backed by a deceptively simple stage set of homely standard lamps in glowing hues. Adele’s often-seated performance, however, was for other reasons. ‘I’d be shitting myself otherwise,’ she confessed.

Cashing in on a broken heart is nothing new in the world of pop, but few have done it as admirably as Adele: with generosity of spirit, with excellent humour – and with a voice that could raise the roof.

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