Derren Brown threatened by Texan police

Derren Brown

Derren Brown

Illusionist Derren Brown was threatened by Texan police as he filmed a new documentary exposing exploitative faith healers who claim they can cure ill people.

Derren Brown was threatened by Texan police when he filmed an explosive new documentary in the US.

The illusionist was making a TV programme exposing faith healers who claim they can cure ill people when he and his crew were surrounded by police and ordered to hand over personal information to the security guards of religious leaders.

He said: "That would never happen over here. But in America the church is big business and the authorities are not going to take them on."

Although Derren claims to hate making TV shows, he decided to work on 'Miracles for Sale' because he is tired of traditional magic and wanted to expose the "disturbing, exploitative, disgusting scam" of faith healers.

He told Radio Times magazine: "The stage shows are a delight. I like touring and putting on a good show with my friends but I don't enjoy the process of making TV. I never got stressed until I started making television.

"Over the years I've entirely grown out of the urge that got me into magic. I've pulled it into areas that I think are more grown up and worthwhile into areas that aren't about me going 'Ta-dah! Aren't I amazing!'"


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