Earth, with Sabbath Assembly - Stereo, Glasgow, Tuesday 5 Apr 2011 (3 stars)

Earth, with Sabbath Assembly - Stereo, Glasgow, Tuesday 5 May 2011

PHOTO: Alex Woodward at Crimson Glow

Sabbath Assembly’s Process Church-inspired occult rock seems appropriate amidst the beards gathered within the confines of Stereo. Lead by Wooden Wand and Jex Thoth frontwoman and conjurer Jessica Toth -- their celebration of both Jesus and Satan evokes similar responses to the likes of Toronto’s Blood Ceremony or a lucifarian Jefferson Airplane. Ones to watch for those inclined to the darker side of 60s and 70s rock revivalism, if you can stomach the kitschiness.

A leaner and trimmer Dylan Carlson takes the stage with his other half Adrienne Davies, who still maintains some of the finest slow percussion physically possible. Their most recent line-up includes a new bass and cello section of Angelina Baldoz and Lori Goldston, replacing their live signature Hammond organ and trombone. Unlike the dramatic departure in sound after unleashing Hex on the world, Earth have been slowly reinventing themselves within their cleaner sounding margins with the heavy use of a cello on their recent opus Angels of Darkness Demons of Light I -- immersed into their live set-up to strong effect.

New number ‘Old Black’ sounds majestic in the flesh, whilst live favourite ‘Ourboros is Broken’ rings in the air like a gun shot. Despite being teased later with a rare rendition of ‘Coda Maestoso in F (Flat) Minor’ -- the only obvious gripe tonight is the lack of amplification. Intentional or not, there’s something inherently wrong with hearing punters hold full conversations over a live Earth experience. A solid as oak performance hampered by a severe lack of fire power.

Earth - Ouroboros is Broken

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