'Emmerdale's Charity will always have feelings for Cain

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  • 14 April 2011
Emma Atkins

Emma Atkins

Emma Atkins says her 'Emmerdale'alter-ego, Charity Tate, will never be able to ''shake off'' Cain Dingle even though she's now dating someone else

Emma Atkins says her 'Emmerdale'alter-ego will never be able to "shake off" Cain Dingle.

The actress plays Charity Tate in the ITV1 soap and while Charity - who is now dating chocolate factory owner Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) - reports her former lover to the police for stealing from her, she says she will always have feelings for Cain even though they are not good for each other.

She told Soaplife: "Charity and Cain have an obsession with each other and it's not healthy. They seem to love seeing each other suffer and they're both addicted to this constant one-upmanship. It's pretty awful.

"She's really enjoying being with Jai but she just can't shake off Cain. Jai might get fed up with that. Charity's a selfish woman who rather enjoys having two men fighting over her."

While Charity shops Cain to the police for a break-in at her home, Emma admits she starts to have regrets about it, especially when their daughter Debbie finds out.

She said: "She's already feeling unsure. She could put Cain behind bars but then there would be his vengeance to deal with. She knows how dangerous Cain can be. But most of all she can't bear the thought of losing Debbie."

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