Tramway Family Day: Alice in Wonderland

Tramway Family Day: Alice in Wonderland

The Glasgow arts venue celebrates Lewis Carrol's most famous creation

When young Alice sips from a bottle marked ‘drink me’ in Lewis Carroll’s well-loved tale, Alice in Wonderland, a remarkable change occurs. Which is one of the reasons the team at Tramway was inspired to base its latest Family Day around this most enduring of children’s books, and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass.

‘A lot of it has to do with the idea that art is transformative and allows people to see things differently,’ says Tramway’s audience engagement officer, Rosemary James. ‘And we liked the idea that Tramway can be taken over for a day, transforming the space and allowing it to be seen in a completely different way.’

The Alice in Wonderland Family Day will feature a range of workshops and drop-in activities based on the books’ colourful characters, including tea party-themed writing sessions with the Mad Hatter and ‘Jabberwocky Words’, where big words are cut into smaller ones. There will also be graphic novel workshops, a storytelling corner, tips on crafting a poem, and ballet workshops with Scottish Ballet (which has its headquarters in the building) based on its current production, Alice. While the building itself will benefit from interactive wall decorations, themed areas and various members of staff roaming about in Alice costumes.

Aimed at ages 0–12 and their parents/carers, almost all the activities are free, although signing up for workshops early in the day is advised. ‘Everything is first come first served,’ explains James. ‘And we’re encouraging people to turn up dressed as their favourite Alice character, with prizes for the best costumes.’

Tramway, Glasgow, Sun 8 May

Tramway Family Day: Alice in Wonderland

A day of fun for all ages between 0 and 12, inspired by one of the most fantastical and imaginative children's stories of all time. Among the spread of activities on offer are dance workshops with Scottish Ballet (who are currently touring a new production of Alice), a fancy dress competition, storytelling, a comic…

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