Drum & bass duo Artificial Intelligence to headline Split's eighth birthday

Drum & bass duo Artificial Intelligence to headline Split's eighth birthday

Glenn Herweijer talks to us ahead of their headline slot

Split has been rocking the Cab’s Tuesday night, based around a sound that encompasses drum & bass, dubstep, electro, breaks and techno. Now for their eighth birthday they have Artificial Intelligence guesting, and even with this drum & bass duo manning the decks it’s still free entry.

‘A lot of the midweek clubs always seem to be really good parties, there’s more of a party vibe,’ laughs Glenn Herweijer (who alongside Zula Warner aka Gambit makes up AI) and he’s right: clubbers who commit to partying on a Tuesday usually commit big.

Herweijer started out DJing alonside Marcus Intalex at university. ‘I had a few house releases out under a different alias that did quite well, then I came back to London and got back into the drum & bass scene. Knowing Marcus he put our first release out on Soul:r and everything kicked off from there.’ Leading to releases on Liquid V, Exit Records and Movement, remixes for the likes of Kelis and Fat Freddy’s Drop (see below), before releasing their debut album Stand Alone last year. ‘When you’re releasing singles you’re just thinking how it will work as a 12”, but with an album you have a lot more freedom, rather than just going for a big hitter, you have a lot more space.’

The end product mixes liquid funk with dark broken beats. ‘It’s a very cinematic sound, it take s a lot of elements of different styles from the techy side of drum & bass and the more jump up side, so it’s always good for the dancefloor.’

Cabaret Voltaire, Tue 24 May.


Drum & bass, electro, techno and breakbeat with Shadowskill, the Dropout DJs, Dogma and a smattering of very talented local guests. Now at the Bongo.

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