House night Luvely calls it a day after 15 years

House night Luvely calls it a day after 15 years

We’ve had a stint of big club nights closing over the last year or so (Taste, Optimo and Headspin instantly spring to mind) and now Luvely have announced their retirement. ‘There’s no point keeping going just for the sake of keeping going, it’s better to leave a good memory in people’s minds,’ explains promoter (and owner) Davie Draeger. It’s a familiar motive but also an honest one.

Luvely was founded by the late George Patterson in 1996, who decided to import some of London’s club culture north to create a ‘colourful’, ‘happy’ night with an uplifting high energy soundtrack of tough house music. ‘We want people to see something they’ve never seen before,’ adds Draeger, ‘which goes hand-in-hand with the themed nights – we want people to experience it as a different night every time they come to Luvely.’

Pioneering special effects on the Edinburgh club scene and for this 15th birthday they promise pyrotechnics, CO2, a retrospective playlist and your last chance to nab one of their exclusive birthday mix CDs.

‘I think it’s really George Patterson’s legacy, it was a great loss when he died, even then we wondered if we should continue it, we certainly felt a responsibility to keep to the same standards he’d already created for the club. I still feel a bit like a caretaker for the club on George’s behalf and that responsibility that it goes out on a high.’

Don’t worry if you can’t make this date, the birthday party is the start of a long farewell, before the final curtain falls in July. And Draeger has one final statement before they sign off: ‘on behalf of myself and the crew I want to thank everybody for all the support they’ve afforded Luvely over the years – it’s been very much appreciated.’

Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 7 May.


The saucy soirée of full-on, driving house music returns.

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