Daisy Turner fears Lacey comparisons

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  • 12 April 2011
EastEnders actress Lacey Turner

Lacey Turner;s sister worried about comparisons

'Hollyoaks' actress Daisy Turner has admitted she is worried people will compare her unfavourably to her older sister Lacey when she makes her 'Hollyoaks' debut on Friday (15.04.11)

'Hollyoaks' actress Daisy Turner is worried people will compared her to her older sister Lacey.

The sister of 'EastEnders' star Lacey will make her first appearance on the Channel 4 soap on Friday (15.04.11) but Daisy admitted her debut is being overshadowed by fears that people will not consider her as good as her older sibling, who won many awards for her role as Stacey Slater.

She explained: "I've prepared myself for people to say I'm not as good as Lacey. It can be annoying to always be referred to as her sister. But getting this part is something that I have done on my own. I don't want people to only thing I got it because of Lacey.

"Lacey has done so well it does put pressure on me. I think she is brilliant and I want to be as good as that. I've tried my best so we will have to wait and see what people think."

Daisy also revealed she is so nervous about her debut that she plans to watch it on her own when it airs rather than have a big party to celebrate like her mother wanted.

The 20-year-old actress - whose younger sister Lily has also appeared in 'EastEnders' - told The Sun newspaper: "I'm worried because it's my first big thing. My mum threw a party for Lacey and Lily and she wants to throw one for me - but I don't want one. I find it too cringeworthy, I'd prefer to sit in and watch it on my own."

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