Jack Branning still loves Ronnie

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  • 12 April 2011
Scott Maslen

Scott Maslen

Scott Maslen believes his 'EastEnders' character Jack Branning still loves his wife Ronnie even though she swapped their dead baby for Kat Moon's son

'EastEnders' Jack Branning still loves his wife Ronnie despite her confession she swapped their dead baby with Kat Moon's son.

Although Jack is devastated when the pair return Tommy Moon to Kat and Alfie Moon (Jessica Wallace and Shane Richie) after Ronnie confesses her shameful secret to him, Scott Maslen who plays the ex-policeman insists Jack will always love Ronnie (Samantha Womack).

He said: "He does still love her. Yes he's confused and angry and he doesn't understand why she did it but there's an unbreakable bond between them.

"He loves this baby like it was his own, but when he visits Ronnie in prison and she tells him to find somebody who'll treat him well he feels he's losing her and he doesn't want to. Jack can usually cope when things go wrong but this has brought him to his knees."

However, Jack is comforted by an unlikely source as Alfie - who was devastated when he thought Tommy had died - knows exactly how he is feeling.

Scott said: "Alfie is really supportive - Jack was there for him when he thought Tommy had dies and now roles are reversed. Jack can't stop loving Tommy but knows the lads will forget him eventually - he's only three months old."

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