Matt Smith doesn't think The Doctor would wed

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  • 12 April 2011
Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor

Matt Smith

'Doctor Who' Matt Smith says The Timelord is not the marrying kind because he's too much of a womaniser

'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith says The Timelord is not the marrying kind.

The actor - who is the 11th doctor in the BBC One sci-fi series - can't see his alter-ego ever tying the knot because he's too much of a womaniser, despite speculation that Alex Kingston's character River Song is actually his wife.

He said: "He's too much of a space bachelor. The universe is his mistress and he's not giving her up for anyone!

"He finds marriage all rather peculiar, I have to say. To him, spending his whole life with someone is an alien concept. Shouold he meet the girl of his dreams and they travel around together? Naaah! He wants to keep them coming. He loves the attention of a beautiful young lady on his arm. The Doctor gets to flirt - he gets all that - he just doesn't get all the rubbish stuff. He doesn't have to clean up!"

Matt also revealed how he would like to play The Timelord for the foreseeable future but doesn't know what's going to happen.

He told Radio Times magazine: "I take it year by year. I would hope that this year wouldn't be my last, but you don't know. I would like to do next year as well, I think. But these matters are unto the gods!"

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