Jimmy King to choose Kelly

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 April 2011
Adele Silva

Adele Silva who plays Kelly Windsor

'Emmerdale's Jimmy King will devastate his wife Nicola by choosing scheming ex-fiancee Kelly Windsor over her

'Emmerdale's Jimmy King is set to break his wife Nicola's heart by choosing ex-fiancee Kelly Windsor over her.

Scheming Kelly (Adele Silva) left her former flame Jimmy (Nick Miles) with amnesia after hitting him over the head with a torch in the ITV1 soap last month but the confused businessman will ditch his wife Nicola to stop Kelly and their son Elliot - whose existence he only learned of recently - leaving the village.

Nick said: "Jimmy's horrified when Kelly tells him she's leaving. He's only just discovered that Elliot is his son and doesn't want to lose him. They're family so the thought of being parted from the lad scares him.

"Jimmy's in the church with Ashley and suddenly remembers the day he was due to marry Kelly. He recalls the moment he saw her walking down the aisle and how happy he was. It's one of his strongest memories so far and that makes him think he's actually meant to be with Kelly after all."

However, Nicola - who has a daughter Angelica with Jimmy - is devastated with his decision, even if he is still not acting like himself.

Nick added to Inside Soap magazine: "Jimmy still feels uneasy, because he's not got as much memory back as he'd hoped. Plus Kelly and Nicola are still at each other's throats. There's a set-to between them as Nicola realises Jimmy has made his choice. She's outraged and upset as you'd expect."

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