Joe Sacco (4 stars)

But I Like it (Fantagraphics)


Containing some of the same material as previous Sacco collection Notes from a Defeatist, this new selection is a more focused attempt to archive and give order to the reams of material he amassed as a music mad young man who spent his days roadie-ing with, and doing publicity art work for, various American rock and grunge bands. The best piece here (as it was in Defeatist) is the 33 page slice of gonzo comic book journalism, In the Company of Long Hair, which details the time Sacco spent with Gerry Mohr’s hard rock/punk outfit The Miracle Workers (this collection even comes with a live sampler, recorded at the time, of one of the band’s German gigs). The longer pieces here are fairly hit and miss, but some of the shorter pieces in the final part of this neatly ordered anthology (‘The Stones and I’, ‘The Same Old Blues Crap’) are very funny, while the A4 reprints of Sacco’s posters, flyers and sketches plus the introductions by Mohr and Sacco are deeply cherishable.

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