Kat Moon almost loses baby again

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  • 12 April 2011
Jessie Wallace at the National Television Awards on Wednesday night (26.01.11) at London's O2 Arena

Jessie Wallace

'EastEnders' Kat Moon is so overwhelmed to discover her baby is alive she almost misses a vital meeting with his social worker to determine if she can take him home

'EastEnders' Kat Moon almost loses her son for the second time when she "freaks out" after learning he is still alive.

The bolshy barmaid is stunned to learn son Tommy is still alive after he was taken by grieving Ronnie Branning - whose own baby James died from cot death - and Jessie Wallace, who plays Kat revealed her alter ego is so overwhelmed she almost misses a vital meeting with a social worker who has come to assess whether she and husband Alfie (Shane Richie) can take their baby home.

Jessie said: "Kat finds it too much to bear and scarpers. She goes home to The Vic, where Jean is waiting.

"Jean gets Tommy's toy, Clarence. She says, 'You're bringing your little boy home'and that's when it hits Kat. She can't get a cab so she runs to the hospital. She's desperate to make it on time."

However, when Kat makes it to the hospital, where Tommy is being checked over, the social worker is driving away.

Jessie added to Inside Soap magazine: "There's no way she's going to let that car drive off. She's not prepared to lose Tommy again."

Kat and Alfie are eventually given their baby back, and Jessie admits her character is left "overwhelmed" with emotion.

She said: "She's completely overwhelmed. Kat just wants to be the best mum possible. This is her second chance and she's determined to do a good job."

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