Heidi Costello has hotel romp with Gaz

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 April 2011
Kim Tiddy who plays Heidi Costello

Kim Tiddy who plays Heidi Costello

Hollyoaks' Gaz Bennett follows Heidi Costello to the hotel she is staying at while her husband Carl is on a business trip and seduces her, taking a picture for evidence on his mobile phone

'Hollyoaks' Gaz Bennett sneaks off to the hotel where his lover Heidi Costello is staying with her husband for a secret tryst.

The wayward teenager - played by Joel Goonan - learns Carl Costello (Paul Opacic) has been delayed in meeting his wife, so decides to get there before his love rival, much to the welcome astonishment of the former model.

Joel said: "He sees this as a chance to spend time with Heidi away from the village. She's stunned to see him at first, but also flattered that he's gone to so much effort to be with her."

However, the encounter could come to a disastrous end as Carl returns back to the hotel early and rings Heidi (Kim Tiddy) to tell him he's on his way to the room.

Joel said: "Gaz acts all cocky but if he does get sprung on by Carl, I think he'll just turn into a little girl."

Even if the secret lovers don't get caught out, there could be repercussions in the future after Gaz uses his camera phone to take a picture of himself and Heidi.

Joel told Inside Soap magazine: "He takes a picture of them together on his phone. Gaz wants something to remind him that it's actually happening, and it isn't some crazy dream! But it's probably a stupid thing to do."

"He's getting more of a thrill out of it than Heidi, but she has more to lose."

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