Jodie Marsh pulls out of Celebrity Coach Trip

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  • 8 April 2011
Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh has pulled out of 'Celebrity Coach Trip' after it was revealed Michael Barrymore would also be a contestant on the show

Jodie Marsh has pulled out of 'Celebrity Coach Trip' over Michael Barrymore's involvement in the show.

Controversial TV presenter Michael is due to make a TV comeback with the programme, but his inclusion made Jodie - who appeared alongside the shamed star in 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2006 - pull out 24 hours before filming begins today (08.04.11).

Model Jodie, 32, said there was "no way" she would share a coach with Michael, who she has accused of bullying her while in the reality TV house.

If they had both appeared on 'Coach Trip' they would once again find themselves in close proximity for long stretches, as the bus takes them across Europe to experience sights and join in with local customs.

At the end of each show, contestants debate amongst each other who they want to vote off, often leading to arguments.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "It's caused a right rumpus behind the scenes. Now the producers are wondering if anyone else will pull out because of Barrymore when they find out he's on board."

Producers are now racing to find a replacement for Jodie - who was partnered Big Brother 3 contestant Spencer Smith - for the reality show, which regularly gets two million viewers.

Michael rose to fame on shows such as 'Strike it Lucky' and 'My Kind of People' in the 90s, but his career stalled in 2001 after Stuart Lubbock was found dead in his swimming pool, following a wild party at his home.


1. Sandy Triglia8 Apr 2011, 3:46pm Report

Great news! Michael will be far more entertaining than Jodie!! Can't think of anyone I'd rather share a coach trip with than the lovely Michael! If anyone else backs out then I for one would love to take their place! In fact, I'd be willing to pay for a seat! Good on you Michael, have a great time. xx

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