Zainab Massood to confront Phil

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  • 8 April 2011
Nina Wadia

Nina Wadia who plays Zainab Masood

Zainab Masood will square up to Phil Mitchell in 'EastEnders' after discovering her husband borrowed money from him behind her back - and is shocked when she finds out just how much her family owe the hardman

EastEnders' Zainab Masood is set to have a showdown with Phil Mitchell after discovering he has lent money to her husband in.

The bossy matriarch (Nina Wadia) is livid when she finds Masood Ahmed (Nitrin Ganatra) borrowed cash from their neighbour to refurbish their family restaurant Argee Bhajee - and things go from bad to worse when he can't keep up with repayments now the building's roof has collapsed and there is no insurance provision to cover the costs.

A source said: "Zainab had no idea that Masood had taken a loan from Phil. As everyone knows, she doesn't like secrets, does she? But that's not all, because while the family's in hock to Phil, Masood is already behind in making his repayments.

"Zainab's furious that her husband got into this mess without telling her, but reckons she can sort it out by clearing the debt herself - until she finds out how much they actually owe Phil, of course."

Meanwhile, a desperate Masood has been refused an extension from the Walford hardman and is being cornered by Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) who wants to buy a share in their other business Masala Queen in return for supposedly hurting his wrist in the accident.

A clueless Zainab makes things worse when she decides to give Phil (Steve McFadden) a piece of her mind, only to find he was going to give them more money after all.

The source said: "She goes to the arches all guns blazing, but is stopped in her tracks when Phil tells her how much is outstanding on the loan.

"As ever Zainab doesn't mince her words - but Phil gets the upper hand when he reveals that he's actually written Masood a cheque for a further £2,000. He proceeds to rip it up in front of her, so she and her family are back to square one."

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