X Factor want 'good-looking' hopefuls

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  • 7 April 2011
Simon Cowell

X Factor chief Simon Cowell

A former model claims he was told he could bypass 'X Factor' early auditions to perform for the judges - even though he insisted he has no musical ability

'X Factor' chiefs are reportedly looking for good-looking hopefuls - even if they can't sing.

Former model Mark Kidd was stunned to be approached at London's Chinawhite nightspot last week by a woman who said his appearance meant he would be able to bypass the early auditions and sing for the judging panel, despite the fact he told her he had no musical talent.

Mark said: "I was out with friends last week and a blonde came up and asked if I could sing.

"I said 'No' and she said, 'Well you look the part, it doesn't matter.' I thought she was trying to chat me up but then she gave me a card with details of auditions the following Saturday. She said it would let me skip a stage of the auditions and go straight through to the judges.

"She also said that I would be seen on TV. I felt she was on the prowl to find people because she had the cards on her."

Mark was left particularly bemused by the encounter as the woman showed no interest in one of his friends with previous performing experience.

He explained to The Sun newspaper: "She kept going on about my looks and saying I should try out.

"I was attempting to fob her off by telling her to talk to my mate who had been in a band but she didn't want to know about anyone but me. It was crazy!"

An 'X Factor' spokesperson said they had sent show researchers to "make sure no stone was left unturned".

She added: "They sometimes send people out to make sure they have covered everybody and reached all the talent that's out there."

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