Kevin Webster faces car crushing

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  • 7 April 2011
Kevin Webster

Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster

Coronation Street's Kevin Webster will be left fighting for survival after his love rival Tyrone sabotages his new car ramp causing him to get trapped underneath it

Coronation Street's Kevin Webster will fight for his life after being crushed under a car ramp at his garage.

The love-cheat mechanic - played by Michael Le Vell - splashes out on the new equipment after winning £200,000 on a scratchcard but co-worker and love rival Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) - whose late wife Molly had an affair with Kevin - attacks the ramp with a hammer after Kevin bans him from using it, with horrific consequences.

Kevin uses the ramp to fix a car, but doesn't spot a hydraulic leak in the system, and when he uses the remote control to lift the vehicle again, the device backfires and it starts to lower itself, trapping the mechanic.

Tyrone and Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain) rush to his aid but call emergency services and he is eventually freed - though show chiefs are staying tight-lipped on his condition.

The incident also sends his estranged wife Sally rushing to his aid, and she confesses she still has feelings for him

Although Kevin fathered a love child with Molly, Sally Dynevor, who plays his long-suffering wife, recently admitted she thinks her character is too harsh on him.

She said: "At the moment she's awful to Kevin all the time. I feel sorry for him but there's nothing I can do. After I've been screaming at him, I have to reassure him that I don't mean it.

"Sally's really bossy, so anybody would be on Kevin's side. But I love playing her. One minute she's feisty, the next minute she's funny, then she can be snobby. I just love all her different sides."

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