Nicola King to bribe Kelly Windsor

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 April 2011
Emmerdale actress Nicola Wheeler

Nicola Wheeler, who plays Nicola King

Emmerdale's Nicola King tries to get rid of her love-rival Kelly Windsor for good by bribing her but has no idea the scheming temptress has already convinced her husband to leave her

Nicola King will bribe Kelly Windsor to leave Emmerdale - but has no clue that her love-rival has already convinced her husband to leave her.

Scheming Kelly - played by Adele Silva - left her ex-fiance Jimmy King (Nick Miles) with amnesia after she hit him over the head with a torch in the ITV1 soap last month when he refused her demands for money and is now set on destroying his marriage to Nicola by claiming they have a young son, Elliot.

Nicola tries to get rid of the tempting minx for good by offering her cash, but is completely unaware that Kelly has already manipulated Jimmy into kissing her and agreeing to walk out on his marriage.

Nicola Wheeler, who plays the desperate wife, said: "Nicola knows that bribery is a dodgy move and not really the right way to go around things. But it really is the last resort for her."

However, when Jimmy goes to tell a clueless Nicola - with who he has 17-month-old daughter Angelica - that it's over, he can't bring himself to do it when she is so nice to him.

She continued: "She's completely unaware that he's arrived to end things with her. She suggests to Jimmy that he shouldn't make any decisions until he's better. Nicola can see that Kelly is manipulating him - but she lets Jimmy know that she's not going to put any pressure on him as he recovers.

"After that Jimmy just can't bring himself to tell her it's over."

Meanwhile, Kelly tells Nicola she will think about accepting the bribe, putting her in a position of power over both the Kings.

Nicola told Inside Soap magazine: "Initially Kelly just boots her out of the house. She knows that she's got the upper hand, so she tells Nicola that she'll think about it.

"Nicola's left wondering exactly what Kelly's going to do next."

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