Kyuss Lives! - O2 ABC, Glasgow, Mon 4 Apr (4 stars)

Kyuss Lives! - O2 ABC, Glasgow, Mon 4 Apr

Photo by Alex Woodward at Crimson Glow Photography.

Heavy grooves from the original stoner rockers

Kyuss were the primordial soup from whence stoner rock sprang. Jamming the heavy riffs of Sabbath and the psych blues of Blue Cheer in California’s Palm Desert they spearheaded a loose but intense sound. Kyuss begat Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator, Fu Manchu, Eagles of Death Metal - the list goes on and on - from their ranks. Now Kyuss are (almost) back with their original line-up (John Garcia on vocals, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork) sans Josh Homme (replaced by Bruno Fevery on guitar) as they delve deep into the psychedelic pot of heavy rock.

Now trading as Kyuss Lives! Garcia may have gained a few pounds since they originally quit back in 1995 but his voice still is an magnificent growl; Bjork is a flurry of beats and hair; a lean mean Oliveri pounds his bass while Belgian new boy Fevery looks blissfully lost in guitar grooves. ‘Gardenia’ is a fan favourite opener, all snarling riffs and low bass rumble, but sometimes it’s about weight not velocity as an awesome muscular, spooky instrumental (‘Asteroid’) from Oliveri and co proves about 30 minutes into their set. Hefty rock at its best.

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