Jane Beale to cheat on Ian

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  • 6 April 2011
Jane Beale

Laurie Brett who plays Jane Beale

EastEnders' Jane Beale is to get her own back on love-cheat husband Ian by having a one-night stand with a hunky stranger called Martin

EastEnders' Jane Beale is set to get her own back on love-cheat husband Ian by having a one-night stand.

The downtrodden cafe manager - played by Laurie Brett - is to go on a booze-fuelled night with her friends at Walford local The Queen Vic, where she meets a hunky stranger called Martin.

After a night of flirting, they head back to his house where viewers will see her slip between the sheets with the mystery man, played by Alasdair Harvey.

It is not known whether Jane will come clean to Ian (Adam Woodyatt) about her antics.

The character has been planning to leave the businessman recently, after he was exposed as having cheated on her with Glenda Mitchell.

The guilt-ridden wimpy businessman had initially tried to hide his affair by asking long-suffering Jane to renew their wedding vows, presenting her with a cake in the Queen Vic, while matriarch Glenda (Glynis Barber) looked on.

Glenda had the last laugh, however, when she then told Jane everything, which she believed was doing her "a favour".

Glynis said: "In a way Glenda actually believes she would be doing Jane a favour by telling her. Jane would know that Ian isn't worth her time because he'll cheat on her."

Laurie is set to go on maternity leave from the show at some point later this year.

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