Guy Delisle (4 stars)

Shenzhen (Jonathan Cape)


Canadian animator Guy Delisle spends a lot of time in the far east overseeing animation projects. In his first travelogue he visited North Korea; this time around he spends interminably dull days, weeks and months in china’s economic marketplace Shenzhen, a city that epitomises many Chinese stereotypes of efficiency and bureaucracy. Culture clashes and his constant loneliness and boredom are the main themes, all told through his soft pencil work, reminiscent of Tin Tin.

The book is insightful, Delisle providing as much commentary on the society he finds himself trapped within as anything Bill Bryson has penned. The images enhancing your grip on the often bizarre situations he finds himself within. Delisle is an eminently likable narrator and you can’t help but feel for him and his desperately monotonous plight. Another great example of how expansive comics can be as a medium for conveying any story.

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