Plan B wants comedy role

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 April 2011
Plan B

Plan B

Plan B would love to star in a comedy show - but only if he could showcase his ''sick'' humour

Plan B wants to star in a "sick" comedy show.

The British rapper - whose real name is Ben Drew - would love to show off his funny side in a TV show, but thinks most mainstream sitcoms are too tame and he would rather showcase risky humour.

He said: "Sitcoms are the worst things in the world. You can't do super-dirty jokes.

"If I did do a comedy it would be things I thought was funny and people didn't think was funny, until the point where it becomes funny because I've disgusted them so much and they start laughing about how sick I am."

While he dislikes most sitcoms, the rapper confessed to having a soft spot for BBC1 show 'My Family' because he likes Kris Marshall's character Nick, who departed in 2005 after five series, though the actor recently announced he will return for the eleventh and final season.

Ben added: "I like Nick because he was a bit weird and looked like he'd just come from the garden or the cemetery where he's been digging up bodies. He'd then come in and go 'Alright, Dad'.

"But he left the show and it's been s**t since. People watched it because of him - he was sick."

Plan B

Shape-shifting East London rapper who transformed into a credible old school soul crooner, hip hop artists and film director.