Bombay Bicycle Club, FOUND and The Seventeenth Century - Oran Mor, Glasgow, Wed 20 Mar (4 stars)

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Bombay Bicycle Club, with FOUND and The Seventeenth Century - Oran Mor, Glasgow, Wed 20 Mar

Bombay Bicycle Club

Triple bill of indie folk-pop

The basement venue was already near capacity as The Seventeenth Century opened the night; an energetic folk-rock outfit fronted by fiddle-wielding vocalist, Mark Brendan Farmer – who displays a tinge of Marcus Mumford in his singing style but perhaps even more so with his vintage attire. Fusing soaring harmonies and thrashing instrumentation, the band give an impassioned performance which shows off a lot of stylistic variance.

Next in line are List-y faves FOUND who have recently reverted back to their original three-piece format. On the back of releasing new album factorycraft, the trio combine synths and drum machines to provide the backdrop for Ziggy Campbell's heartfelt vocals. The music is not for the faint-of-heart and nor is it for those of a more simplistic musical persuasion. Foraging through a unique array of sounds and fusing them together, FOUND put on an impressive display that is, on occasion, tricky to grasp.

Concluding the night are Crouch End indie-kids, Bombay Bicycle Club. Having placed their acoustic guitars back upon the shelf, there was a sense of fond reminiscence as the four-piece re-employed their electrics this evening. With the band appearing to have left behind the majority of material on last year’s unplugged release Flaws, instead opting to showcase a variety of new tracks, it was also something of a venture in to pastures new.

The outfit, whose material regularly fluctuates from frenetic riff-heavy verses to mellow chorus’s, have toured extensively ever since their 'Road to V' competition success of 2006 and their accomplishments are a testament to the benefits of their hard work. Starting out with 'Magnet' followed by 'The Hill', Bombay Bicycle Club do not ignore the tracks that have much to be thanked for in getting them to where they are today.

The unmistakably catchy 'Evening/Morning' and the more relaxed 'Always Like This' unsurprisingly generate the best reaction of the set, leaving the charismatic figure of singer Jack Steadman smiling like a Cheshire cat. As a short encore brings the night to a close and the gleaming faces begin to leave, it is notable that these times of change may have worked out just dandy, after all.

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Bombay Bicycle Club

Indie-rock quartet from London.

Victoria Park, London E3

Fri 22 May


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