Gail McIntyre to bribe Kylie out of marrying

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  • 31 March 2011
Coronation Street actress Paula Lane

Paula Lane

Coronation Street's Kylie Turner is stunned when Gail McIntyre offers her £1,000 not to marry her son David Platt

Coronation Street's Gail McIntyre bribes Kylie Turner not to marry her son David Platt.

The meddling matriarch - played by Helen Worth - takes desperate measures and teams up with eldest son Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) to offer her manipulative future daughter-in-law £1,000 to stay away from the hairdresser.

However, Paula Lane, who plays Kylie - who sold her son Max to half-sister Becky McDonald for £25,000 - doubts her alter ego sees Gail as a threat, though she is shocked by the lengths she goes to in trying to stop the wedding.

Paula said: "Kylie's got no idea until her hen night how determined Gail Is to stop the wedding.

"Gail finds her outside the bistro, and that's when it suddenly hits Kylie that Gail wants rid of her for good.

"Kylie's been playing the game with Gail but there's a lot of hostility between them. Gail's just not on Kylie's radar though - compared to Becky, she's easy competition."

Gail decides to take action after a row escalates between her and David (Jack P. Shepherd) when he walks in on her begging her mother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) not to sign paperwork that would mean David inherited her salon.

Kylie explained to InsideSoap magazine: "When David walks in on Gail trying to persuade Audrey not to sign over the business, he lets rip at his mum for trying to ruin his future. It's a massive row.

"Nick also reckons Kylie is a gold-digger so he thinks she can be paid off. Gail feels a bit uneasy at the idea of bribery, but finds Kylie and tells her that if she leaves town for good, she'll get the cash."

With Kylie then late for her own wedding, fans are left wondering if she's accepted Gail's offer or if she and David will upset his relatives and finally make it down the aisle.

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