Syed Masood to fight for life

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 March 2011
Marc Elliott

Marc Elliott who plays Syed Masood

'EastEnders' Syed Masood will be left fighting for his life after a beam collapses on him during his brother's engagement party at the Argee Bhajee restaurant

'EastEnders' Syed Masood will be left fighting for his life after a ceiling collapses on him during his brother's engagement party.

Disaster strikes at his parents' Argee Bhajee restaurant when the roof falls as revellers celebrate the union of Syed's brother Tamwar and Aifa, while the rest of their family look on.

Himesh Patel, who plays Tamwar, explained: "The roof suddenly caves in, and Syed's buried beneath the rubble. Then a beam falls on top of him. Everyone's in an utter state of shock, how could this have happened?"

The roof incident is the second huge shock of the evening, as Syed (Marc Elliott) infuriates his family by turning up to the party as his relatives have had little contact with him since he revealed his is gay and left his wife to embark on a relationship with Christian Clarke (John Partridge), and they have hardly spoken to him since.

Tamwar is left even more upset with the reaction of the other guests - in particular his parents - to his badly-injured brother, when they refuse to help him.

Himesh continued: "Tamwar needs to make sure Aifa's alright, but Syed's the one who's in trouble. Tamwar wants to know what he can do to help his brother. He looks to his parents for guidance, but they're both just stood there doing nothing. He's completely disgusted."

HImesh added that his character looses all respect for his parents when they then abandon their eldest son to evacuate the building.

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