Take Me Out twins feel 'stitched up'

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  • 30 March 2011
Paddy McGuinness

Take Me Out host Paddy McGuiness

Identical twins Cat and Sam Wilkinson claim they were ordered to dress badly and restyle their hair by 'Take Me Out' bosses and feel stitched up'' by the show

Identical twins who failed to get a date on 'Take Me Out' have claimed they were "stitched up" by show bosses.

Cat and Sam Wilkinson, 21, claim they were ordered to wear tacky matching outfits and have their hair restyled to over exaggerate their likeness.

Cat told The Sun newspaper: "The producers never wanted us to get a date.

"We were only ever put on the show to look like twinnie freaks. Standing there week after week was soul destroying."

Sam - who had straight dark hair before the show - added: "We were horrified and broke down in tears. But despite begging them to let us go on as ourselves, they refused.

"We had to stand next to each other with our hair made to look over-the-top wild frizzy and these ridiculous clothes."

Sam and Cat - who were rejected by a total of 52 men across the 14-week series - also claimed the way the programme, which is hosted by Paddy McGuiness, was edited made them come across as boring and stupid.

Cat said: "Most chats were edited out as if we had nothing to say. We came over as unintelligent fools."

The pair claim their portrayal on the show has led to them being mocked on the internet.

Cat said: "People posted nasty stuff. We were called Fat and Fatter, and the Ugly Twins. We were just the novelty for viewers to pity."

However, ITV insist they aim for all their contestants to be chosen.

A source said: "It's a shame the girls were unhappy as our aim is definitely to get everyone a date."

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