Amy Childs admits TOWIE 'set ups'

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  • 30 March 2011
Amy Childs

Amy Childs

'The Only Way Is Essex' star Amy Childs insists the show isn't scripted but admits some aspects of the programme are scripted

Amy Childs admits some aspects of 'The Only Way Is Essex' are "set up".

The brunette beauty insists the programme isn't scripted, but says producers often carefully craft particular scenarios then film what happens afterwards.

Amy explained: "All the characters are all real. They'll just put us in scenes and they might say for example, me and Sam will have to talk about Mark and then Mark comes in, so they'll set up the scene, but it's all real.

"Everyone thinks it's scripted but it's not at all. It's exactly how we are."

Amy also claimed she is never embarrassed when she looks back at things that have happened to her - though she occasionally wishes she had toned down her appearance.

She added in an interview with Britain's OK! magazine: "Do I look back and wish I'd done anything differently? Not really no. I must admits, sometimes I look at myself and think, 'Oh my God', I shouldn't have put on so much make-up but I think I come across OK."

Yesterday (29.03.11), it was claimed that Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger's recent engagement was a fake and the pair have already shot 'break-up' scenes for the programme.

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