Kat Moon to struggle with baby Tommy

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  • 29 March 2011
Jessie Wallace at the National Television Awards on Wednesday night (26.01.11) at London's O2 Arena

EastEnders actress Jessie Wallace

'EastEnders' Kat Moon will struggle to bond with baby Tommy after she is reunited with him as she believed the tot was dead

'EastEnders' Kat Moon will struggle to bond with baby Tommy after she is reunited with him.

The barmaid was left devastated by the 'death' of her newborn son on New Year's Eve (31.12.10) - unbeknown that Ronnie Branning had swapped him with her dead son James - and is thrilled when he is given back to her after Ronnie hands herself in to police and is sent to prison.

However, Kate (Jessie Wallace) experiences more heartache as she finds it hard to cope with realising baby Tommy is actually alive.

A source revealed to Soaplife magazine: "Getting baby Tommy back is a tough thing for Kat to get her head around. She's been through so much pain mourning the loss of Tommy and now she's got to get used to him being alive."

As well as coping with the shock of getting Tommy back, Kat also has to deal with Ronnie (Samantha Womack) and insiders on the BBC One soap are expecting fireworks.

One told InsideSoap magazine: "This is the showdown that every 'EastEnders' fan wants to see. There's no way that Ronnie can justify what she did to Kat, and any apology is bound to fall on deaf ears. But, ironically, Kat is probably one of the few people who knows the sort of pain that Ronnie is going through over her son James' death. It'll be spine-chilling stuff."

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