The View record official Record Store Day 2011 anthem

The View record this year’s ‘Official Record Store Day Anthem’

Hear the Dundee indie rockers cover of The Tweeds ‘I Need That Record’ recorded for this year’s Record Store Day

This year’s Record Store Day got a shot of rock as The View announce they have recorded this year’s ‘Official Anthem’ with a reworking of The Tweeds ‘I Need That Record’ especially for the annual celebration of independent record shops on 16 Apr.

‘We are in a band because we love music. People who love music shop at record stores,’ explains bassist Kieran Webster of The View’s involvement. ‘The internet seems to be taking over music, and it’s great to support Record Store Day as vinyl sounds so much better, and it's so much more of an experience going to a record store to get your music. The people who work in them are avid music fans willing to help you. Even the simple pleasure of going in and flipping through the second hand bargain bucket is something I still do at least twice a week - think how many bands have been started by like-minded musicians who first met in their local record shop. Without independent record shops every local music scene would lose a vital hub. This is why I am very proud to be doing my bit for Record Store Day.’

The track will be available on the day in participating stores on one-sided 7” vinyl, while The View embark on a short instore/signing tour to promote the event, calling at:

Tuesday 5th April - One Up, 17 Belmont Street , Aberdeen, AB1 1JR (signing only)
Thursday 7th April – Love Music, 34 Dundas Street, Glasgow, G1 2AQ
Sunday 10th April – Jumbo, 5/6 St John’s Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LQ
Saturday 16th April – Rock-A-Boom, 4 Silver Walk, Leicester, LE1 5EW

The View

Dundonian indie scamps who rose to fame with their 2007 debut album Hats Off to the Buskers. They are known for their raucous live shows and were inducted into the Barrowland Ballroom Hall of Fame in 2017.

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