Judy Finnigan's costly support for Chloe

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  • 29 March 2011
Chloe Madeley

Judy FinniganChloe Madeley

Phillip Schofield has revealed Chloe Madeley's parents, Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan spent a ''fortune'' voting for their daughter to win 'Dancing On Ice'

Judy Finnigan spent a "fortune" trying to get daughter Chloe to win 'Dancing On Ice'.

The TV presenter and her husband Richard Madeley were desperate for their girl to be crowned champion of the ITV1 show so ran up a huge mobile phone bill voting for Chloe, who eventually finished third.

The show's host Phillip Schofield said: "Richard and Judy came down to the green room on a Sunday a lot. They were such massive supporters and I've been down to chat with them. Take last Sunday; Judy was sitting on the sofa and literally voting for Chloe non-stop. They've spent a fortune on voting for her."

Phillip - who co-hosts the show with Holly Willoughby - also revealed how he loved all the rows on this year's series as it made great television, though he admitted he believes some viewers took the fighting too seriously.

He told new! magazine: "I loved the rows! Jason Gardiner doesn't have a self-edit button. He will say what he thinks and we're there to pick up the pieces afterwards. I can't stand this attitude that the professionally outraged have when they call for someone to be sacked at the drop of a hat. With Jason and Karen Barber, people were calling for one or both of them to go. Lighten up, for God's sake, it's a television show."

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