Colin Morgan wants Bill Bailey for Merlin

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 March 2011
Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey

Colin Morgan has revealed he would love for Bill Bailey to appear in 'Merlin' as his crazy uncle

Colin Morgan wants Bill Bailey to play his "crazy uncle" in 'Merlin'.

The Northern Irish actor - who plays the title character in the BBC TV series based on the Arthurian legends of the mythical wizard- revealed as he can't work with his first choice, the late US star Paul Newman, he would love to see the 'Black Books' actor on set.

He explained: "I've always said I'd love Bill Bailey to be like Merlin's crazy uncle or something like that, I think that would be great. But if I were to go really out there and pick anyone that I could ever want, I'd probably want Paul Newman to be a wise sage to Merlin or something like that. Although there's no chance of that happening now."

While Colin admitted it has been a challenge to move past people's perceptions of Merlin as the old wizard from the legend, he is relishing the physical challenges of the role, including horse riding and doing some of his own stunts.

He said: "As soon as you hear the word Merlin that's the image that's immediately conjured into everyone's head, is an old man. Every person has their beginning and I've been given the opportunity to play a legendary character.

"I've loved working with different scripts, I've gotten to do comedy scenes, action sequences, work with green screens, there has been horse riding and action stunts. It's basically a bit of an actor's dream."

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