The reviewers reviewed: Theatre show Girl X

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  • 28 March 2011
The reviewers reviewed: Girl X

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Who said what about NTS discourse on disability and sexuality

National Theatre of Scotland's latest work is a discourse on disability and sexuality has its roots in reality (see our full review for more info). Here's what we and some of the other critics had to say about it.

What we said: ‘Although the subject matter is … compelling, the way the text has been constructed rather limits the show’s dramatic potential.’ ●●●

What they said:

‘Girl X is a revealing discussion of the issues facing the carers of severely disabled children. But it’s a debate that fails to develop into anything bigger.’
The Independent

‘What’s so compelling about Girl X … is that the conflicting and contradictory viewpoints create the opposite of agitprop and, in its way, something more politically radical, opening up a complex, unsettling debate that does not stop at the curtain call.’
The Guardian

‘As theatre, Girl X sometimes falters; as a dramatised chatroom conversation, it can be repetitive … There are moments, though, when … this show memorably strips the mask from our society.
The Scotsman

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Girl X in rehearsal

Girl X

  • 3 stars

A thought-provoking play from the National Theatre of Scotland in which a mother makes the decision to remove the womb of her daughter, who suffers from severe cerebral palsy and has the mental age of a five month old, in order to spare her the distress of menstruation. Ages 14+.

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