Bill Tarmey quit Corrie for sick son

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  • 25 March 2011
Coronation Street actor Bill Tarmey

Bill Tarmey

Bill Tarmey has revealed he left his role of Jack Duckworth in 'Coronation Street' to spend time with his seriously ill son Carl, who has a brain tumour

Bill Tarmey left 'Coronation Street' to spend time with his seriously ill son.

The actor quit his role as Jack Duckworth on the ITV1 soap last year and while it was initially unknown why he decided to leave, he has now revealed he wanted to dedicate time to 44-year-old son Carl, who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in 2009.

Speaking of his son's illness, he said: "There is no doubt that what happened had an influence on me deciding to leave the Street when I did.

"I felt I was better at home rather than at work. I felt I could do more."

Former pub owner Carl is still receiving treatment and while he has been told he has "every chance" of living at least another five years, Bill, 69, is doing his best to raise funds and awareness for the Brain Tumour Research charity.

As part of the fundraising efforts, today (25.03.11) Bill will visit Carl's pub in character as 'Ida Fag', a female alter ego used by Jack in 2004 when he joined a women's bowling team, as well as auctioning off locks of his own hair online.

Bill told the Daily Express: "I will be making a prat of myself, but that's all right. We want more awareness of the illness and the dangers of brain tumours. If wearing a blonde wig and having my hair cut is the price I have to pay to have my son still with me, then that's no price at all."

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