Midsomer Murders creator quits over race row

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  • 24 March 2011
Neil Dudgeon

Current Midsomer Murders star Neil Dudgeon

'Midsomer Murders' creator Brian True-May has stepped down after he became embroiled in a race row by claiming the success of the show is down to its lack of ethnic minorities

'Midsomer Murders' creator Brian True-May has quit after claiming the show's success is due to its lack of multiculturalism.

Although the producer of the ITV show apologised for his comments, he will step down at the end of the programme's current run after describing the drama as the "last bastion of Englishness" and admitting he felt there was "no place" for non-white characters.

Although Brian was suspended by the show's production company All3Media following his controversial remarks, he was reinstated earlier this week before apologising and announcing his resignation.

Following his resignation, a spokesperson for ITV said: "We welcome the apology from Brian True-May and understand that he will step down from his role on Midsomer Murders at the end of the current production run."

ITV bosses had said they were "shocked and appalled" by his comments about the show's popularity.

He said: "We are a cosmopolitan society in this country, but if you watch 'Midsomer' you wouldn't think so. I've never been picked up on that, but quite honestly I wouldn't want to change it.

"We just don't have ethnic minorities involved. We're the last bastion of Englishness and I want to keep it that way."


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