5 reasons not to miss Michael Clark Company

5 reasons not to miss Michael Clark Company

The great choreographer brings a re-jigged version of his Bowie-influenced come, been and gone show to the Tramway

1 Because the way you feel after watching Clark and his choreography could be bottled and sold. When he’s good, his work reminds you just how powerful, entertaining and exciting dance can be.

2 An earlier version of his new work, come, been and gone premiered at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2009 and had potential greatness written all over it. Now that’s he’s had a chance to polish it up and expand it, hopes are high that greatness has been achieved.

3 He’s ours! London may have laid claim to him over the past few decades, but Clark is Scottish born and bread, and we should be very, very proud of him.

4 Clark has been an inspiration to so many people over the years, and come, been and gone is a chance for us to see who inspired him. Featuring music by rock legend, David Bowie, with a little Lou Reed and Brian Eno thrown in, the piece pays homage to the kind of sounds that shaped Clark during his formative years, both as a person and an artist.

5 Clark’s dancers have a captivating stage presence. Their boss isn’t the easiest choreographer to work with, known for making final decisions about how a piece should look mere minutes before the curtain rises, so if they’re in Clark’s gang, you know they’re good.

Michael Clark Company, Tramway, Glasgow, Thu 7–Sat 9 Apr.

Michael Clark Company: come, been and gone

Clark presents the latest evolution of his dance piece choreographed to the music of David Bowie and his collaborators and influences.

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