Scheming Kelly Windsor's lies spiral

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  • 23 March 2011
Adele Silva

Adele Silva

Emmerdale's Kelly Windsor is set to claim she and ex-fiance Jimmy King - who she left with amnesia when she hit him over the head with a torch - have a young son together

Emmerdale's Kelly Windsor will trick ex-fiance Jimmy King into thinking they have a son together.

The scheming temptress - played by Adele Silva - left her former flame with amnesia after she clobbered him over the head with a torch in the ITV1 soap last month when he refused her demands for money and is now set to try to destroy his marriage to Nicola (Nicola Wheleler) by claiming they have a young son, Elliot.

Nick Miles - who plays Jimmy - said: "He's totally stunned. All Jimmy has ever wanted is a family, so he's bowled over by the idea that he might have a son. It's very exciting but it's a massive shock too.

"He's presented with this three-year-old boy and of course it's very difficult to take in. But at the same time it's not much stranger than meeting his little daughter Angelica with wife Nicola, because he doesn't recognise her either. Elliot seems just as valid to Jimmy as Angelica does."

Nick also revealed as Jimmy is struggling to cope with all this new information and feeling unable to trust his family, he could turn to conniving Kelly for comfort.

He added to Inside Soap magazine: "He feels useless. He's very suspicious of everybody and doesn't know who to believe. It's incredibly infuriating for the people in his life who know the truth and want to help him recover.

"He's sure Kelly's the key to everything but can't understand why people aren't being more forthcoming about who she is. He's also very attracted to her.

"He's looking at Kelly in a different light and it makes him even more distrustful of what he's been told by members of his family."

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