Eat, sleep and breathe: Cold Cave

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  • 24 March 2011
Eat, sleep and breathe: Cold Cave

Wes Eisold, frontman and founder of Cold Cave, talks about the food keeping him going while he’s on tour

What time is breakfast?
Early or never.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee in the morning, tea all other times.

Smoking or non-smoking?
Non, if we can help it.

Sweet or savoury snacks?
Savoury and bland.

What food do you miss when you tour?

Sometimes the option for healthy food can be difficult, but then that just makes the oasis that can be a new discovery even better.

Who’s the best cook you know?
Jennifer from Cold Cave can make wonderful meals.

What’s on your rider?

Juices, water, wine, vegetables, hummus.

Which country/ city has the best food?
I think you can find great food in most major cities. My favourites are in NYC though.

Do you eat out a lot?
I do. My lifestyle and apartment size leaves only a little time and room for cooking.

Do you eat or drink onstage?
I wouldn’t dare.

Cold Cave play Stereo, Glasgow, Thu 31 Mar. Their new album, Cherish The Light Years, is out on Fri 4 Apr (Matador Records).

Cold Cave - "Love Comes Close"

Cold Cave

Distorted vocals and feedback from this Philadelphia outfit.

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