Neil Dudgeon modernising 'Midsomer Murders'

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  • 22 March 2011
Neil Dudgeon

Neil Dudgeon

'Midsomer Murders' star Neil Dudgeon is bringing some changes to modernise the series' Detective Chief Inspector character, such as drinking soya milk and eating sushi

'Midsomer Murders' star Neil Dudgeon is modernising the series' Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) character.

The actor plays DCI John Barnaby - who is replacing John Nettles’ DCI Tom Barnaby as the show’s lead character this week - and will bring the role up-to-date in subtle ways, such as drinking soya milk and eating sushi.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "A lot of people say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. They can't keep it exactly the same but they don't want to change it too much as it's very successful as it is.

"But somewhere between the two, they need to redefine things.

"Everyone has taken this as an opportunity to try new things. Things are going to be different and we should make something of that."

Change on the show- which sees Inspector Barnaby investigating a number of murders in small English villages - has been a hot topic since creator Brian True-May was suspended last week for claiming 'Midsomer Murders' success is down to its lack of multiculturalism.

Neil is staying out of the debate however, claiming it is a matter for Brian to resolve with the programme's makers.

He is more worried about living up to his predecessor - his character's cousin in the show, Tom Barnaby - in the sex symbol stakes.

He added: "Trust me, I won't be sent any racy underwear like John, maybe some biscuits for my on-screen dog, if that!

"But if I have to give myself to the nation as a sex symbol for ratings then it's a filthy job, but somebody has to do it."


1. sarzy222 Mar 2011, 4:01pm Report

I'm sure it's not normal to be this excited over an actor but I am way too excited about 'The Dudge' leading Midsomer. My friend and I met Neil 2 weeks ago filming 'Life of Riley' in Glasgow. He was adorable to chat to so lovely and easy going AND was very happy for my website to become officially endorsed by him. So chuffed he has been given this lead role. He's such a talented actor and I'm so pleased for him. He'll be amazing in MM!

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