Singles of the month: Gyratory System and Something Beginning with L

Singles of the month: 'New Harmony' by Gyratory System and 'Angel Sized' by Something Beginning with L

'New Harmony' and 'Angel Sized' best tracks of March/April 2011

You join The List in a proper strop. Blame Aaron Wright's 'Trampoline' (Dset) ● and 'Interrupt' (Albino) ● by Toy Horses; the latter all timid boy vocals and Turin Brakes-isms; the former reminding us that we hate the bloody Kooks. We also hate the bloody Pigeon Detectives and oh look, what a surprise, they're back with some more over-produced plodding indie. The track? 'Done In Secret' (Dance To The Radio) ● – remember to never ever, EVER, listen to it.

Ears bleeding, we administer some 'Santiago' (White Label) ●● by the increasingly dull The Kabeedies and it makes us howl. As does the going nowhere '3,4,5' (Counter) ●● by Spokes which calls to mind those depressingly un-heady days of Athlete and Starsailor. Strawberry Ocean Sea are good for a laugh at least, their dreary, wannabe-anthem 'Today's The Day' (White Noise) ● comes complete with a lyric sheet – as if we needed printed proof of how cringeworthy their teenage poetry is.

Things fare slightly better, but not much, with 'Nova' (Geffen) ●● by The Sound Of Arrows, which is Pet Shop Boys-ish electropop without the brains, before the thrill-less art punk of The Death Set's 'We Are Going Anywhere Man' (Counter) ●● threatens to finish us off completely.

But wait, what's this? Ahhh talent; the majestic 'Memory Boy' (4AD) ●●●● by Deerhunter giving way to some brilliantly unsettling electronica courtesy of Emika's 'Count Backwards' (Ninja Tune) ●●●. And the good stuff is trickling in thick and fast now as Nevada Base's brooding 'Love In My Mind' (Flowers In The Dustbin) ●●● is flanked by the infectiously stroppy 'If Only Bear Grylls Could See Me Now' (Survivalist) ●●●● by Pinky Suavo. Whipped into a joyful frenzy after a decidedly rocky start, we decide to doff our cap to not one but two standout tracks for Single of the Month this issue: 'New Harmony' (Angular) ●●●● by Gyratory System – a playful mix of heavily treated wind instruments, synths and processed percussion – and 'Angel Sized' (Armellodie) ●●●● by the sweetly spiky Something Beginning With L. Love on first listen.


Incorrigible Atlanta punks now onto seventh album Fading Frontier.

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