Lone Pigeon - Time Capsule 001-010: A Selection (4 stars)

Lone Pigeon: Time Capsule 001—010: A Selection

A collection of the Fife musician's finest tracks from the last decade


You don’t see him for years and then he pops up with this. Get ready to (re)introduce yourself to Gordon Anderson, aka Fife’s maverick songwriting talent Lone Pigeon, a man who counts The Beta Band, the Aliens and the Fence Collective among his sometime affiliations. For all but the most devoted, of course, this seven-disc boxset may be several steps too far, but the limited vinyl selection 28 Secret Tracks will do as a primer. For those with the time and curiosity, however, and the well-placed trust in Domino’s selection of this material, prepare to be inducted into the way of an artist with minimal public profile but the potential to rank alongside the great gifted mavericks of blues, folk and rock’n’roll.

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