Moon Duo - Mazes (3 stars)

Moon Duo: Mazes

Psych-rock romance from Sanae Yamada and Wooden Shjipper Ripley Johnson

(Souterrain Transmissions)

It transpires that psychedelic rock and romance make for intoxicating bedfellows. This mesmeric debut full-length album from Wooden Shjips axe-master Ripley Johnson and his inamorata, Sanae Yamada, is heady with cosmic grooves and shredding pop that refries The Stooges, The Velvet Underground and the Shjips. So yes, their union works a treat.

There’s still a brooding minimalism in the LP’s driving chords and rhythms, but compared to Moon Duo’s earlier (and darker) EPs – 2009’s Killing Time and 2010’s Escape, not to mention their mind-melding Christmas release 'Silver Bells' (another Shjips tradition carried over) – Mazes is rather more akin balmy psyche on a summer’s day.

Moon Duo - Mazes

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