Vivian Girls: Share the Joy (3 stars)

Vivian Girls: Share the Joy

The third long-player from the Brookylinite garage rockers is fun, if a little too self-aware


This third long-player from Brooklyn’s trash-pop girl-group revivalists Vivian Girls bounds with all the reference points we’ve come to expect from the garage-rock trio: nostalgic melodies, cordial harmonies and heavenly dissonance. But it’s wilfully clearer and more defined than their DIY, punk-addled self-titled debut, and its 2009 follow-up, Everything Goes Wrong. It’s also a bit less lovable for it.

Still, there is much to enjoy, from the ethereal epic grunge of ‘The Other Girls’ to the burnished pop uprising of ‘Dance (If You Wanna)’. The introduction of organ throughout, meanwhile, is a welcome psychedelic addition to Vivian Girls’ bliss-rock artillery.

Vivian Girls - I Heard You Say [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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