Eux Autres - The Flying Duck, Glasgow, Sat 5 Mar (4 stars)

Eux Autres - The Flying Duck, Glasgow, Sat 5 Mar

Indie-poppers with cult connections deliver pleasingly unpolished set

Janglesome San Franciscans Eux Autres (pronounced ‘ooz-oh-tra’, so explains their website) boast considerable pedigree by association: frontwoman and keys player Heather Larimer – one half of the band’s founding sibling duo together with her brother, guitarist and vocalist Nicholas Larimer – was a long-term squeeze of Stephen Malkmus and the backing-vocalist/cheerleader with his post-Pavement project The Jicks, while in Yoshi Nakamoto they share a drummer with indie-pop cult heroes The Aislers Set and Still Flyin’.

While it unfortunately didn’t add up to much more than a handful of bodies in the Flying Duck as the quartet arrived in Glasgow on a European tour in support of their exquisite third album Broken Bows, they nevertheless turned in a sparkling set that positioned them somewhere between Beat Happening and Field Mice on the joyously ramshackle scale.

From the point when the skipping Heather Larimer kicked off her heels and shoogled a pair of percussive shakey eggs as furiously as anyone has any right to during the whooping intro to ‘Queen Turner’ (have a listen below), she had the crowd eating out of her palm, then asking for seconds. Even if an encore was harshly denied because of curfew, notice of Eux Autres’ irresistible charms had been duly served.

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