Flawless: Chase the Dream expands dance routine to hour long show

Flawless: Chase the Dream expands dance routine to hour long show

Britain’s Got Talent finalist on UK tour

In 2010, streetdance troupe Flawless went from 100m athletics to marathon men. Prior to their Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Chase the Dream, they had only ever performed short sharp routines, in competitions, on the dance circuit and, of course, on the 2009 final of Britain’s Got Talent. What did a month in Edinburgh do for them?

‘I think we proved that we can actually put on a full length show,’ says Flawless’ main man, Marlon Wallen. ‘Before that we had a lot of questions about what we could do with an hour long show, because people were so used to seeing Flawless dance quick routines for four or five minutes. The Fringe definitely gave us a platform to experiment with things, and selling out for the whole month and winning an award, we were absolutely blown away by that. It really motivated us to think we could take it out on tour and make it bigger.’
Which is exactly what they’ve done, with a newly extended 90 minute show. Currently touring theatres across the UK, Wallen and his nine fellow dancers are continuing their quest to prove they’re far from one trick ponies.

‘The storyline is about an individual chasing his dream,’ explains Wallen, ‘and there are moments when you don’t even realise you’re watching a dance show, because it takes you to another place from an emotional point of view. And it doesn’t just have the high energy acrobatic thing, we fuse ballet, contemporary and jazz with our streetdance style.’

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Fri 1 & Sat 2 Apr; Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Sun 17 Apr

Chase the Dream tour behind da scenes hilarious lol

Flawless: Chase the Dream

One of the UK's hottest dance acts from the group who stunned the nation in Britain's Got Talent.

Flawless: Chase The Dream

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The stars of Streetdance 3D and Britain's Got Talent present their first solo show/ And it's certainly not to be missed. This inspirational dance act have become an international phenomenon with stunning street dance and jaw dropping moves. They've worked with some of the biggest names in music including Madonna, Beyonce…

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