Katy Perry: Deconstructed

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  • 21 March 2011
Katy Perry: Deconstructed

We take a look at some of this chart-topping monster’s vital signs ahead of her gig in Glasgow

45% Killer pop hooks

There is surely no doubt in anyone’s mind about Katy Perry’s innate ability to cobble together relentlessly catchy choruses. From the sapphic pop tendencies of ‘I Kissed a Girl’, the punchy pace of ‘Hot n Cold’ or stadium-sized floor-filler ‘Firework’, whether anyone has in fact ‘ever felt like a plastic bag’ is irrelevant, it’s still stuck in your head.

25% Spray-on rubber dress collection

Anyone at all familiar with the singer will know of her penchant for adorning herself in, let’s say, ‘risqué’ attire. Notable costume choices include skin-tight rubber dresses, squeezing her every which way but loose (although there have been several close calls) while draping her in equally eye-gouging patterns – from a union jack/stars ‘n’ stripes hybrid to electric pink palm trees.

15% Celebrity Husband

In perhaps one of the least likely celebrity unions, Katy Perry married controversial comedian Russell Brand late last year at a private ceremony in India. From the beginning of their courtship to the present day, this has of course been fodder for a variety of celebrity media, with Perry herself being no stranger to controversy, although they’re looking far more boring and settled by the day.

10% Budding Gospel Star

Before her flamboyant stab at chart-dominance, Katy Perry, under her birth name of Katy Hudson, once had dreams of becoming a successful gospel singer after being brought up a devout Christian. After recording an album in her teens, it took her a few stop-starts before a rather drastic makeover pushed her to the top of the pop heap.

5% Twitter photo controversy

Like any reliable celebrity, Katy Perry is no stranger to social media-related debacles, the most prominent being the media whirlwind that followed the release of a picture of her, sans make-up, by husband Russell Brand. There are some things you just don’t want people to see, right? On the other hand, she has previously posted a photo of herself naked in a bath eating pizza, so…

Katy Perry plays Glasgow’s SECC, Tuesday 5 April.

Katy Perry - Firework

Katy Perry (Katy Hudson) - Faith Won't Fail (2001)

Katy Perry

The 'I Kissed a Girl' songstress heads out on her Witness world tour.

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