Gavin Sutherland aka Fudge Fingas to launch new album Now About How at Ultragroove

Gavin Sutherland aka Fudge Fingas to launch new album Now About How at Ultragroove

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Edinburgh-based producer's smooth, soulful deep house

‘I’m not a fan of DJ culture, to be honest,’ says Edinburgh-based producer and musician Gavin Sutherland, aka Fudge Fingas, who leads the way as one of the most exciting electronic artists working in Scotland today. ‘Although I suppose I support it through my day job.’ (He works in dance-focused local record store Underground Solu’shn.) With minimal live appearances and only selected record releases through his home city’s Firecracker and Manchester’s Prime Numbers, he’s hardly carved himself a niche as a wannabe superstar, although hopefully the smooth, soulful deep house of his debut album Now About How will see his reputation grow.

‘I’m not bad at DJing, mind you,’ he muses, ‘although I’d never define myself as such, or as a producer or a singer. I never think of myself as professional enough, you know?’ For a hard-working amateur, then, he’s done well out of a career under the Fudge Fingas name (‘my first cat’s name and a tribute to Larry Heard,’ he says cryptically) spanning more than a decade, at least if the resulting LP is anything to go by. ‘I’ve never been in a hurry,’ he smirks, dryly. ‘I like to think I’m in the business of making timeless music. I never want to make something that I have to get out there now before it goes out of date.’

The album Now About How is out now on Prime Numbers.

Ultragroove at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Saturday 16 April.


Deep soulful house with a dash of disco from Gareth Sommerville.

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