Six Black Candles revives adaptation of Des Dillon novel

Six Black Candles revives adaptation of Des Dillon novel

Revenge story from writer of Singin’ I’m No’ a Billy, He’s a Tim

‘I see myself as the Bruce Springsteen of Scottish writers,’ says Des Dillon with a smile. ‘I write about a certain class of people – white trash, basically – and I write about them in simple language, using hardly any words to create powerful images. This doesn’t come from the fact that I studied literature at university, it comes from the Scots-Irish storytelling culture I’m part of.’ Only recently has the Coatbridge-based quinquagenarian begun to merge real critical respect with tangible commercial success for his best-known play, Singin’ I’m No’ a Billy, He’s a Tim. Now his own company, Goldfish, will be reviving his play Six Black Candles under the direction of John Binnie.

The play, which received its original Scottish staging at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum in 2004 and is in rep in Kiev for the forseeable future, is a revenge story about six sisters who gang up to take revenge on one of their husbands. It’s also, says Dillon, ‘a play for hen nights, totally. Men get it in the neck, and women leave with big smiles on their faces. A translation of it by the son of an oligarch ran for a year in Kiev, but I’d like to take it to the West End ultimately. Why not?’

Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 6 Apr–Thu 14 Apr. For full tour schedule see

Six Black Candles

Des Dillon's black comedy about six sisters out for vengeance against one of the brood's adulterous husbands returns to Scotland after a successful Russian tour.

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