Take That meet Fake That

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  • 18 March 2011
David Walliams

David Walliams

Boyband Fake That - featuring David Walliams, Alan Carr, Catherine Tate, John Bishop and James Corden - will audition for the real Take That as part of a Comic Relief spoof

David Walliams has teamed up with four other celebrities to create a spoof Take That for Comic Relief.

The British comedian - alongside Alan Carr, Catherine Tate, John Bishop and James Corden - will audition as tribute group Fake That in a charity sketch, which will see them go to extreme lengths in a bid to impress the man-band, with the use of props, numerous costume changes and complicated choreography.

David - who will portray Howard Donald - said: "Being in a boy band for the day was really tiring. We had to do all the dance moves - but when Take That did it they were like, 22 - I'm 39, and I just thought 'I can't handle this'!"

John (Robbie Williams) added: "It was great being in a boyband - except one of us was a girl and none of the rest of us are boys. Obviously it's a good cause, but aside from the charity it was just a great day, I'd have paid to do it."

The sketch will also see James become Gary Barlow, Alan morph into Mark Owen and Catherine star as Jason Orange.

John added: "Someone thinks I'm Robbie and I understand why. Bit of a maverick, dancer, singer, mover. James Corden thinks he's Gary Barlow. He's more Ken Barlow, to be honest."

However, Gary was impressed with James' effort, saying: "We look nothing alike but he's doing a good job of pretending to be me."

Take That

The prototype boy band have re-lit their own fire and returned to cash in those nostalgia dollars, and have proved far more credible than any of us could have imagined. Now reduced to a three-piece as Jason Orange bows out but Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald soldier on.

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